Where the Story Begins

Jewelry With a Story

EJ uses the finest in up-cycled and vintage material to bring you some of the most unique jewelry on the market. Each EJ comes with at least one or more beads from a previously loved piece of jewelry. We believe that this energy and love from the past delivers a new energy and feeling of connection with another person. We always begin our creations with a “centerpiece” and allow the energy to flow and be carried into our creativity, which is why each of our pieces are truly unique and one of a kind. 


Our Material

We use an array of materials in our pieces. We do our best to identify the beads from our up-cycled material. You can find everything from vintage hand-blown glass, carved wood and bone, and hand drilled natural crystals in our collection to provide you an authentic vintage accessory. Each EJ diffuser piece has lava or sandalwood to absorb the essential oils upon application to deliver the true EJ experience.

Source of our up-cycled beads

We search far and wide for our vintage beauties. EJ is based in Leander, Texas just outside of Austin. From estate sales to thrift stores, we travel to small towns in the hill country to visit antique stores that have been around for decades. We sort through thousands of discarded jewelry to find the best and finest beads to add to our collection.
EJ Upcycled Beads 2021 Collection https://youtu.be/jnZQ6u0ZCuo


With Light and Love,

Francine & Trish