Using Essential Oils on your Jewelry

Proper Application of Oils

EJ Bracelets

To maintain the integrity of your bracelet, place essential oils first on your finger and roll the oil onto the lava or sandalwood. Be careful to place the oils only on the intended diffuser beads to prevent damage and discoloration to the other beads.  The elastic cord that is used with our bracelets can be compromised by the oil and over time the elastic will stretch, this is normal.   

EJ Silk Necklaces

Application of the oil is the same with the silk necklaces.  Silk is very durable but not unbreakable.  We suggest you remove your necklace before bedtime, exercise, or swimming to prolong the lifespan of your jewelry.

Sizing Instructions for Bracelets 

Have the palm of your hand facing up with an open hand. Snuggly wrap a flexible measuring tape around your wrist to measure the circumference in inches just below the wrist bone.